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I figured I could dedicate a post to my eldest daughter. Two things of note recently happened.

She was one of the four “good citizens” in her elementary school for first grade this month.

She uttered the phrase “laugh your a– off” last night.

Such dichotomy!! That sums her up pretty well. She is probably the funniest of all the kids–without even trying she can have me in stitches. She can also exasperate me quicker than any of them (Ok, maybe she ties with Ethan!). She’s the most musical and can carry a tune very well, staying mostly on pitch and even HARMONIZED WITH ME LAST NIGHT! I was so psyched about that–she’s gonna end up being an alto. You just wait!

Of all the kids, she seems to be the most bothered the “multiple-ness” of it all. If Jim or I are spending special time cuddling or tickling or whatever with one of the other children, she wants in on it. She almost seems to have the “middle child” syndrome.

This morning was amazing in that there were no tears getting ready for school. It was WONDERFUL!


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