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He’s Leavin’ on a Jet Plane….

Jim leaves this afternoon for a business trip to Chicago. While I’m not THRILLED, I’m not dreading it or upset like I used to get. I’ve done this single mom stuff enough times to know that I’ll be ok. I’ve had enough notice to get used to the idea, and it’s for three full days (not more than a week, which we’ve done in the past), plus, they’ll be in school for all three of those days, so it’s just mornings and evenings. I can deal with that!

Bennett and Laura had their annual eye exam today. Guess what? NO CHANGE from last year! That’s a first! I’m very happy that their eyes have stabilized finally! Laura will need new glasses soon regardless because she has physically outgrown her frames, but it’s not a rush. And now that WalMart is hooked up with Davis Vision, it’s not a big ordeal to go and get them.

Catie is on the mend as well. She ate a few grapes earlier today and finally just said “I’m hungry”, which I haven’t heard in 48 hours. She had cotton candy yogurt. YUCK, but hey, it’s protein, so I’ll take it. Tomorrow she has a field trip (so cute!) to a local grocery store and then Dairy Queen. We never went anywhere that cool when I was little! For the first part, the parents aren’t allowed to come, so I’ll be hanging out in the little attached cafe for an hour. Gee, such a hardship!

I found someone who can be my new accountability partner. I’m thrilled. My other AP is just so busy right now she doesn’t have the time. I’m not mad, but I really just need someone to be there for me. Jim is my backup, of course, but I’d rather not have that burden on our relationship. Such fun being an addict! NOT!


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