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Hither and Yon

Yesterday started out early for a “day off”. Up by 6:30 and out the door by 8:37 for a half-playdate/half-help-my-friend-with-Quicken. We brought her system up to date from August. It actually wasn’t too bad–but I know the first time she flies solo she’ll be calling “tech support” aka me.

While at the playdate (with all four kids), Catie’s glasses broke. And not the way where a little super glue would help. This is at least her fourth if not fifth pair!! Since APRIL!! ARRRRGGG! My Only consolation in this is that Bennett and Laura were just as hard on their early glasses and eventually grew out of it.

So we headed to hell….uh….er….umm…the Exton Mall. On the way we stopped off at another mom of twins and dropped off the shopping cart that I’ve had in the back of my van for more than two months. FINALLY GONE!!! I love my van. It’s so huge that I can use it as a portable storage unit!

Onto hell….the Exton Mall. I asked the children if “we” were going to act like Monkeys or like Ladies and Gentlemen. The agreed to the latter. Yeah, right. We picked out glasses for Cate, to the tune of $149. And that’s “cheaper” frames! Then we headed for the escalator. Ethan wasn’t too fond of it, but I made it work. Off to the playground, where MLK’s dream was alive and well. It was a regular United Nations there! 😀 That was pretty cool, I have to admit. The kids had a blast. Then it was off to the fifth ring of hell…..ummm….the Food Court. After which I literally had to march them into the bathroom with Bennett’s hands COVERED in chocolate and people snickering (no exaggeration here, folks) and me saying “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!”

Finally back to pick up her really cute and expensive glasses. By this time, and ladies and gentlemen had fled the mall and I was left with octopuses. Energetic ones, too. Don’t touch! Don’t go over there! No, please let the other person sit down. Yes, it will be your turn next (since we’re all there, let’s get everyone’s glasses adjusted properly!)….FINALLY we got to leave. I’m glad we survived and the mall didn’t even get broken!


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