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Can I charge my family?

I’m a professional organizer. Well, when I get to work I am. So I’m wondering if I can charge my family for all the work I did today. This afternoon I attacked the girls’ room. It was 1) a mess 2) disorganized 3) full of unnecessary stuff 4) just not working. So I:

1) Changed the layout of Catie’s bed and bureau,
2) (with the girls) picked up every last piece of clothing and toys,
3) got one of those three drawer plastic storage thingies,
4) chose the three largest group of toys (Ponies, Barbies, Dollhouse Items)
5) used my handy-dandy labeler and labeled each of the drawers,
6) took out two storage drawers from under their beds (one held a jumble of toys and one was mostly empty except for a set of sheets),
7) took out a yellow wheeled bin that will become the new home for their winter boots in my about-to-be-reorganized hall/playroom closet

Whew! I’m beat! And I didn’t even get to put their basket of clothes away, but we can do that after dinner. Which is just hot dogs, mac’n’cheese and carrot sticks. It’s the only meal in which Catie will actually consume everything. It’s also the only meat she will eat, if you can call hot dogs meat. I mean, I buy good quality beef hot dogs, but still, let’s be realistic!! 😀


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