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Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

That’s a title of a Queen song, if you didn’t know. Jim’s ALL TIME FAVORITE group is Queen. Consequently, when we got married, I learned a lot more of their songs. Previously, I had known “We Are the Champions” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Under Pressure”. Maybe one or two more at the most.

As my title suggests, it has been a day of rest. Sunday school and church this morning followed by YUMMY hoagies for lunch (spell check doesn’t recognize hoagies???? What are they thinking???) and then reading in the sun. It’s supposed to snow tonight, so I wanted to get that sun as long as I could. Can you absorb the Vitamin D thru a glass door? Note: look that up on google. If not, that’s not so good.

Anyways! I am back to reading Irresistible Revolution. If nothing else comes from reading it, I’ll say this: it makes me THINK. Think about things I thought I knew, believed in, understood, wanted to vote for….. it’s an uncomfortable thing, thinking. This morning in church we watched a video where they told a story about a minster in Virginia who joined the Revolution and urged his fellow congregants to follow suit. My regular response would be “cool!”. After reading IR, my first response was “a MINISTER of the GOSPEL going out and killing????” (see the pendulum swing wildly?). Then, this afternoon, I sit and think about it. Is a cause ever worth dying for? Is there ever a time that it’s ok to kill? Shane Claiborne, the author of IR, is a pacifist. His love for God precludes his killing of His creations. On the one hand I totally get that. On the other hand, are we to stand aside and let the Hitler’s of the world take over? Or the Muslim extremists? The ones that would have no compunction killing us. I don’t think what’s going on in Iraq is ok. I think we should have been out by now. Do I have the answer? No. I don’t pretend to have the depth of thinking for that one. Or for the immigration thing. I don’t understand trying to keep people out of our country. The United States is a country of immigrants. Sure, the ones who want to blow up–keep them out. But the man who creeps across the border to work as a lawn mower guy so he can send money to his struggling family? What is wrong with wanting better for your family? I don’t get it.

I’m going to go and start thinking again. About dinner, though.


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