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The Single Life

Have you ever had those days when you contemplated what life would have been like had you taken the “other road”? The one with no husband and no children? Everything–and I do mean EVERYTHING–is irritating me today. I’m guessing it’s PMS, but it could just be my life today. Everyone in the family took their turns getting on my nerves. They all succeeded admirably. Especially the males of the species.

My brother is coming to visit tomorrow. I haven’t seen him since August, although we’ve talked on the phone somewhat frequently. I’m just waiting for him to say something, which is a given because that’s HIS personality, and me to fly off the handle. I hope and pray that I don’t. I want to use the “I” statements–“When you do/say x, I feel y”, so he will understand. We’ll see. We aren’t that close to begin with, although we’re a work in progress. We’re complete polar opposites in personality, likes and dislikes, values, hobbies, family styles, you name it. The only thing we have in common is our family of origin. And the fact that he adores my kids. Especially one of them. Which also irritates me. DON”T PICK FAVORITES!!!


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