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Still sick, and bribery helps

Yes, another day of nausea comparable to morning sickness (no, I’m not!) and other charming bodily functions that begin with D. I know you are thrilled about that!

Jim helped get Bennett and Laura out the door. Cate was supposed to have preschool but I honestly couldn’t drive there. So I ask if it’s ok if she hangs out at home, and that I’ll let her play on my PC. She couldn’t have said yes faster. So I got some decent R&R on the couch and she played Noggin and Nick Jr. All Day. Except for eating and peeing. I know I’m a bad mother–please don’t ream me out for it–but boy, was I sick too!

For awhile I felt ok and thought, maybe I’m getting over it, but NOooooo….just before I sat down to type it started again. I HATE BEING SICK!!! The house is a WRECK. The laundry is so behind that I doubt Bennett has any pants to wear tomorrow to school. I have GOT to do laundry tonight, regardless of how I feel. Just a few pair of pants, some undies and socks. Everything else can wait.

I’d better get over this soon!!


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