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Sick, Sick, Sick

So I got up today feeling somewhat better. Only had cereal for breakfast to be on the safe side. I mean to go grocery shopping, but remembered in time that it’s the beginning of Story Time at the library. So Catie and I went, then played on the playground next door. Oh, it was a GORGEOUS day! Mid-60s and sunny! Lunch at McDonald’s, which I’m sure was a huge, whopping MISTAKE. Then went to WalMart for grocery shopping. About 3/4 the way thru I start feeling horrible–waves of heat and feeling like I want to pass out. But since I’m almost done I decide to press on. Only to get the REALLY REALLY slow check out lady. I fought against feeling impatient–I wasn’t in any hurry for a reason other than to get home and lay down.

Went home and put away only the perishables and then–FINALLY–laid down to rest. Ahhh. Was much smarter for dinner and had yogurt. I really want this to be over!


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