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What is it about my personality that makes me GREAT for starting things but lousy at keeping up with them? House cleaning, cross-stitching, keeping on the kids about anything…I’m terrific for a couple of days but so bad just a few later. When Jim snaps at me because he’s frustrated with the state of the kitchen counters I feel so rotten. It’s not like I’m not capable of cleaning up. I always mean to. Really. I just get sidetracked and then forget.

In other news, the kids attended their first funeral yesterday. Well, ok, their first memorial service. Their great-grandfather, Jim’s grandfather, passed away right after Christmas. They did incredibly well during the service, which I’m sure was very boring for them. We then went over to Nana’s house and had a LOT of food and visiting with friends and relatives that we don’t often see. I was so proud of them, and happy to be able to tell them how proud I was.


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