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Random Thoughts

Man, I have a sexy handsome husband!!

I looked at Bennett a few days ago and honestly could not reconcile him with the baby that got pulled out of me over 6 years ago. Who IS this blond, tall child?

Laura told her cousin Tom, 18, that he “has a piece of a beard” on him.

Given a two-pound bag of jelly belly beans for Christmas, I will feel obligated to eat said bag. Not all in one sitting, of course.

I’ve sat on my tushy for the past three days reading the archives of, a blog. I’ve been taking a break from Irresistible Revolution to read a blog. Yes, I’m more than slightly embarrassed about this.

My husband’s grandfather, Grandpa John, passed away two days ago. We’re still trying to get Ethan to understand that Grandpa John is not in the hospital anymore. ARG!

My husband, the afore-mentioned sexy hunk, turns out to be a major geek with our new vacuum. It has an indicator that tells you when the floor is still dirty and it slowly changes from red to orange to green. He has delighted going over our living room watching the light change. Over and over and over. Oi! It was our first new vacuum in 12 years.

It’s bedtime for the kids and I really need to help.


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