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Just a typical day….

The day started off like a regular day…Ethan on the bus to school at 6:50, everyone else getting ready at the same time for their various schools, but then Bennett said that he had a sore throat for the third or fourth day in a row. I’ve been thinking it’s just post-nasal drip, but Hey! Let’s actually look in his mouth! Duh!

It was red and swollen. Poor little guy. I call the pediatrician and get a 10:30 appointment. Then Jim says that he really can’t run to the hospital to get Laura’s x-ray films because he has to work late. My first thought? “Well, why didn’t you get them before today?” my second thought “You know, I really do have more time than him. I can do it.” So the outline of the day (and the previous Christmas list items) gets changed. Laura on the bus at 8:33, Catie to preschool at 9, Bennett to ped at 10:30, pick up Rx right after, get Catie at 11:30. Go to McD’s for lunch, drive to Chester County hospital for x-rays, stop by St. Agnes’ cemetery to visit Connor (my triplets/quadruplets other brother who died about 12 hours after he was born) detour to Exton to get a drive-thru Eggnog latte from the previously mentioned Starbucks (see post below), do a pay-it-forward as mentioned on TOTALLY FUN! And finally get home!

Other than folding laundry and matching a ton of socks, the living room is now clean and I wrapped the shirts I was supposed to do yesterday. So, after taking Laura to the orthopedist tomorrow and then hopefully to school and not to get a cast (please, God, not a cast!), I’ll be playing catch up with the list. But that’s ok. I am determined not to drive myself nuts with getting the house ready. And if I buy pre-made potatoes (mashed or otherwise) for Christmas, than SO BE IT!! (but don’t tell!)

Finally, a shout out to Michelle at Not only did she leave a comment, which again tickled me to death!, but I followed her link and was updated on Julian (please see her blog), a little boy that has touched me and is now in my prayers. Along with Cadenne Hope ( So much suffering in this world. I have my own, yes, but my children are finally to the point of medical stability or in heaven suffering no more. These two precious ones are living, breathing and suffering. Please keep them in your prayers.


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