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A bit of everything

Ok, before I get into the nitty gritty of this post, I want to express my totally geeky delight that someone actually left me a comment!! Hi Rick, whoever you are! I’m not sure what drew you to visit, but wow, welcome to the crowd of two that read this! (and I’m probably the other one!)

Well, the holidays are upon us. That being Christmas, with all the hoopla and craziness that we make our Lord’s birthday into. I’ve mapped out this week with cleaning, letter mailing and fudge-making on top of the regular laundry, shopping, sick-child stuff, cooking etc that encompasses my life. So far, other than not doing one load of laundry today and mostly ignoring the living room, I’ve actually kept to my schedule, which included the DREADED cleaning of the kitchen floor. This is, by far, my least favorite of all in my job description of stay at home mom. I’ve recently learned the usefulness of actually GETTING DOWN ON MY KNEES and scrubbing, which I have NEVER EVER EVER done in my life. EVER. But man, the results are SO worth the work involved!

Still reading IR (see posts below) and still actively wrestling with thoughts about it and my current life. Jim agreed to check out Fair Trade coffee. I’m really hoping that Lisa Samson ( was right and that it is just as good as Starbucks. I’d love to stop giving my money to them on a regular basis. As in every week. House Blend. Or Breakfast Blend if they’re out of House. We’re going to try Saint’s Coffee ( after Christmas. They are not only fair trade, but feed children in the process. For a couple of dollars more, I think it’s worth it, but then, I’m not a coffee drinker!!!

Floyd is here keeping me company. For some reason he really likes to jump up and keep me company on my desk. Winky never does that. But she’s not a momma’s girl like Floyd is a momma’s boy. I should take a picture of him and post it. There!! Isn’t he gorgeous? Long and sleek and handsome. And isn’t my desk a mess??? Actually, given it’s normal state of “I’ll just put it here for now”…. it’s not bad. That my Christmas gift list (completed, thank you very much) under him. On the PC is a cd I want to upload into iTunes and a current eBay auction.

The kiddos are watching Dr. Seuss. It’s really time to get ready for bed. Oh joy. The nightly ritual begins, along with the nightly fighting. Ah, family-hood!!

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