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Oct 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!
Current mood: tired

That would be my father, who is 76 today. Wow. And he and my mom have been married for 53 years. Whew! How awesome is that?

Tomorrow is my 12th anniversary. Go Me! Well, ok, Go Jim and Me! 12 years is definitely doing well! Tonight we are having dinner at the Dilworthtown Inn ( YUM! Their food and service are impeccable. Definitely worth the chunk of change you drop there–at least $100 not including tip.

Nana is going to watch the kids, thank goodness! Gotta love free babysitting. Plus, the kids adore her and will be good for her–not that they aren’t good for other babysitters. They are pretty much excellent for everyone else but us. Oh well!

I went to my third–and last–kids clothing sale this morning. I FINALLY found the dresses for Laura that I was looking for. Who knew that finding decent school dresses for a 6 yr old would be so difficult??

You know what? I’m pretty tired! I think I’m going to….oh wait, I have to clean up the bookcase that Ethan emptied and THEN I can lay down for a bit. Sometimes having a blind child stinks. (However, on a positive note, I LOVE HIS SCHOOL)


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