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Oct 4, 2007 B

Let the season begin
Current mood:  tired

I was hanging out this morning getting somewhat ready for my bi-annual endocrinologist appointment, when Catie comes up and tells me her ear hurts. Well, DUH. After a week of a not-very-nice cold, a two day low-grade fever and a snotty nose, I am not surprised. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to get an appointment in the afternoon that fit fine within our schedule.

My Dr was not thrilled, but not upset either. My weight was down 5 lbs from last time, but I’ve not been exercising and I haven’t gotten needed bloodwork. Well, I’ll get it sometime this month. It’s the BIG once a year thing–12 hour fast, 2 hour glucose test, with cholesterol and thyroid and both male and female hormones. Oh joy. But hey, it’s not diabetes, so who am I to complain?!

After her, I went to Goodwill (a bust–nothing there that I needed), Sally Beauty supply (for some GOOD conditioner for my damaged hair) and then Amelia’s grocery outlet. LOVE it! I got $57 worth of groceries–6 bags full. 😀 Then to Wawa for some soda and a pretzel, and finally off to the pediatrician. Yes, she had an ear infection. Pink Medicine, YUMMY! To the pharmacy to pick it up and then finally home. Dang, was I tired! The kids got home soon after, so it was a big day for Catie and me!


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