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Oct 4, 2007 A

Right between the eyes!
Current mood: contemplative

“The line is crossed in our hearts.
The line is crossed when we desire “something” more than we desire God.

He wants us to pray, He wants us to ask, He wants us to believe!
The question we have to ask ourselves is; if you don’t get what you are longing for, will it change our love for God?

Do we love Him more than the answered prayer?”

This was from a blog I read this morning. 6 years ago I turned away from God because the answer was yes. I couldn’t understand after all the prayers–literally around the world–and God saying NO time after time. Why pray? Yet, aren’t we called to love and follow Him? To desire Him above all else? Not just what He can give us, or change for us, or fix or whatever? He’s not the great celestial genie in the sky, who’s belly we rub when we want something. He’s our FATHER.

Another wise friend once said “If He who can does not, it must be better so.” I can’t say I’ve ARRIVED at blind faith. That statement was YEARS before we had the kids and all their issues. I recently found a piece of paper with it written on it, and have been pondering it for almost a week. It’s the very essence of “Thy Will Be Done” that I sometimes have the faith to pray. Why is it so easy to trust my husband, or my friends, or even a complete stranger, but so hard to trust God?


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