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January 8, 2007


So this is where I show my age! I’m just now getting into iTunes–both the downloading and the ripping. I just bought an iPod, which I plan to use once I rip all of my cd’s. Right now I have Bob and Doug MacKenzie’s 12 Days of Christmas on. Yeah, I know, it’s not Christmas, but this isn’t REALLY a Christmas song! And what is a took? as in 5 golden tooks? Or am I being really stupid and clueless?

My house smells WONDERFUL! There is a very cute guy cleaning my carpets and deodorizing them and man, it just smells CLEAN. The carpet in the playroom and the living room are just awful. I mean totally GROSS. Spots and stains and just who knows what all over. Yuck. It’s in the 2-year plan to get new ones, but until then we’ve got to live with these. They are faded pink. Just like the walls. No, you didn’t read wrong. Pink walls and pink carpet. In the living room. Not a girl’s bedroom, which I could have understood. In the living room and family room, which we use as a playroom. UGLY!!

Catie and I went to look at another preschool today. I loved it, and have pretty much set my mind on the fact that she’s going there in the fall. She needs a longer day and more days/week, and this place will offer it. Plus, it’s about 5 minutes from our home. I’ll drop her off and be home before a commercial break is over!

Not much else going on, except DH is home–he worked from 9:15 last night until 8 this morning. Poor guy!


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