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Sing Blue Silver

For those of you non-Duran Duran fans, that’s a line from one of their songs. I was a HUGE fan in the 80’s and admit to owning a few Cd’s. With the advent of iTunes and my iPod, I loaded all my Cd’s on there and am making my way thru my music in artist order. I am a little freaked that 20 years later I still think that D2 is pretty darn good. I mean, if I had never heard of them I would still like them.

I’m totally BEAT. I worked yesterday and today at the Chester County Mothers of Multiples bi-annual sale. It’s a brutal couple of days, but well worth the $39,000 we grossed. The members get 80% of that and the balance goes to the club for running expenses. My favorite part is getting rid of STUFF. I love decluttering. Making money is a definite bonus, of course, but I donate all my leftover stuff at the end b/c I just don’t want to bring it back into the house.

I am finally getting back on my feet after this sinus infection. Being sick for a week and a half is enough to wreak havoc on my home and it definitely looks horrendous. I’m running the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry right now in trying to catch up. Enough avoidance–gotta go and make dinner.


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