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Four Double Ear Infections

Need I say anything more?? It’s been a not-so-fun couple of days. Thankfully, everyone is on Amoxicillan, so that should help soon. Snotty noses abound, so it’s really only a matter of time before Jim and I get it. Oh joy. I’m glad it’s a long weekend so I happen to have Jim home to help with all the fun. 😛

Last night we watched Star Wars Episode II. After how terrible Episode I was, I didn’t see II. But now, with how much people are praising III, I had to see II to make III make sense. It actually wasn’t so bad. The guy who plays Annikan tends to be melodramatic, but it was ok.

Had a cookout tonite. Things have been really tight financially for us lately–we’re making it, but only just. I can’t imagine what happens when L and E actually start eating “real” food instead of PediaSure and yogurt.


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