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Tough Night

Last night was TOUGH! First Catie was up crying–screaming, really–and took a long time to settle down. I had hoped to get to bed early to “catch up on sleep” (as if you can ever do that!), but Laura got up crying starting at 1 am. I eventually brought her into our bed, but she kept coughing and thrashing around. Not really conducive to sleep! Around 2;30, I got her some Tylenol and put her back into her own bed. The alarm went off at 6 and I could barely wake up. I hate nights like that. It totally affects how I am the next day. I’m just praying that not only will it be a peaceful day (I’m keeping B and L home from school and going to the pediatrician), but that I will also keep my temper in check. Supposedly I have my mothers of multiples meeting tonight, but I’m having serious doubts about going. I just want to go to bed early!


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