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May 25, 2005 B

Ok, I just read this website ( that was AWFUL. This woman had nothing good to say about the world. She is anti-children, anti-Christian, anti-parenting….pretty much everything that I am. Now, she is completely entitled to her opinion, and it was my choice to visit her website, but man! Next time I feel like wandering hither and yon in the wilds of the internet, I will choose a jolly, happy, feel-good site!

B&L are up, C is napping (thank goodness!) and E is still at school. E goes to Overbrook School for the Blind in Philadelphia 5 days a week for preschool. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Overbrook! He is learning to speak finally, getting around with his cane, and becoming more and more independent. Now I just wish he would EAT FOOD instead of yogurt. E gets tube fed at night and has a night nurse from @11-7 each night. We’ve had night nursing for almost 3 1/2 years now, so I’m very used to it, but sometimes having the house to ourselves would be REALLY nice. Each month we take a night off so the house is OURS. We lock the doors and turn out the lights and go to bed with quiet downstairs. Ahhh!

I got gas this morning for the bargain price of $1.93 for the cheapo grade. And I was excited to spend that low of an amount. How pathetic is that? I have a 15-passenger van, and spend $50 each time I fill up. Oh, wait, that was BEFORE the massive increase in gas prices. Now I can spend upwards of $65. Thankfully, I don’t drive much (see previous post for # of children!) so I only fill up about once a month.

It’s a semi-busy week this week. Jim went out last night with friends, Thursday night I have my mothers of multiples meeting, Friday we have an awards ceremony at Overbrook, Saturday I’m going to babysit members’ of our church’s kids so their parents can work on the building our church bought. I’m not a big babysitting person–my own kids are QUITE enough, thank you. But our congretation needs to vacate our current building in 5 weeks, so I thought I would donate my services and my big backyard (fenced in) to the cause. Jim, being the former-contractor, can go and work on the church.


Just thought I would interject that in there. I love chocolate. Well, let me amend. I love DARK chocolate–the darker the better. There is this stuff, Fair Trade Chocolate, called Divine, that is 71% cocoa. YUMMY! The only milk chocolate I can even tolerate is Hershey’s, and that’s probably because I grew up on it. L definitely takes after me with the chocolate thing–she won’t touch milk chocolate at all. 🙂 Lucky thing Jim likes it…whenever we get some as gifts or whatever, he can happily consume it.

What a rainy, icky, yucky day! It’s been raining fo ra few days in a row. Now, we need the rain so I’m not complaining, but the kids inside day after day DOES get on one’s nerves, namely MINE. Last night I asked Jim for 10 minutes–and only 10 minutes–to be downstairs in the basement AWAY FROM THE KIDS. He was very understanding and let me have the time. amazing how much difference a few minutes can make.

Ok, this is becoming a novel–guess I should go!


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